Warranty and service

The warranty period is indicated on the enclosed warranty certificate. account.

The warranty does not cover consumables: batteries, paper, cartridges, media, toners and the like (unless otherwise noted)
  • warranty card and delivery note / invoice
  • an accurate description of the error, which allows you to quickly locate and correct the error, in order to resolve your complaint as soon as possible.
You can claim warranty repairs at our Ljubljana service center.
  • that the product is not mechanically damaged
  • that the product was not tampered with by a person without authorization
  • that the buyer acted in accordance with the instructions for use
  • that the customer used the original supplies
  • the warranty does not exclude consumer rights arising from the seller's liability for defects in the product
  • the guarantee is valid only in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia
  • that the product will function perfectly within the warranty period if you follow the instructions given and in accordance with its purpose
  • that we will eliminate defects and defects within the warranty period within a period not exceeding 45 days, otherwise we will replace the product with your new or new one upon your request. refunded the amount paid
  • that we will provide service or necessary spare parts for the product within the warranty period
  • The period after the expiry of the warranty period during which we provide you with maintenance, spare parts and attachments is at least 3 years after the expiry of the warranty period.
  • failure to follow the instructions provided
  • negligent handling of the product
  • interferes with a product made by an unauthorized person
  • mechanical damage caused by the fault of the customer or third party
  • damages resulting from excessive electrical voltage, short circuits, battery leakage, ... damage due to natural disasters - floods, fire, etc.
  • damage caused during transport upon our delivery
In no event shall we be held responsible for any loss of information.

For repairs outside the warranty period, please contact [email protected], where we will refer you to the appropriate repairer.

We don't do cash business at the company.
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